Tenants are given access to their tenant portal that allows for online rent payments including EFT. All rents should be collected by the 4th of each month. If payment is not received we will reach out to the tenant with daily emails and phone calls. Late fees are collected.


Its our philosophy that we do not ever get to eviction. We pride ourselves on our tenant screening as we understand the financial burden evictions can cause on both owners and tenants. In the event an eviction is needed, we will coordinate at no charge and reduce our monthly management fee to $100.


Who wants to keep up with bills? We do! We send clients monthly statements with itemized expenses so you know what you paid, as well as a year end statements. Clients are also able to send invoices for their rental property to us for payment.


Each month we will direct deposit rent payments minus expenses (repairs, if any, management fees, utilities), on the 5th of each month. Typically these payments will show up in clients account by the 6th but can be delayed when these days fall on weekends. Owners can request payment from their rents at anytime.



We provide clients with an bi annual inspection of the property at not cost. This will include a report of photos and itemized details of any potentials repairs needed. Additional inspections can be


We do not up charge on maintenance, be it an emergency or a preventative maintenance measure such as gutter cleaning. We work with a network of contractors who can provide any handyman service, pool service, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, garage door service, etc. When applicable we do our best to keep costs to a minimum and will only authorize repairs that are up to $200 without clients approval.



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We can coordinate any needed repairs (that are covered in your contract) by submitting request to HW and following up to make sure its completed. We will pay the needed service charge, and communicate with you for any additional repairs needed.



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